Rookie Skates

Rookie Skates is one of the pioneers in the field of roller skate aesthetics, and the brand is known for its colourful and retro skate designs. Rookie roller skates are comfortable to wear and an excellent choice for fun skating sessions in the local park or for showcasing your aesthetic skating skills both on stage and skating rink.

The brand takes pride in combining fashion with functionality and aims to design skates that not only look good but also feel good. This makes Rookie skates ideal for beginners who want to take their first strides in the world of roller skating but are also well suited for more experienced skaters.

Founded in 1978, Rookie Skates was one of the first roller skate brands in the UK. Over the years, the brand has been at the forefront of supporting and empowering skating communities throughout the UK and Europe with its fashion-forward and functional roller skates.

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