Ice Skate Guards and Accessories


What Are Ice Skate Guards and Why Should I Use Them?

The blades of ice skates can get easily damaged and dulled during transportation of the skates or while walking off-ice. Therefore, ice skate covers and guards are necessary to protect your blades from getting fractions and scratches. Ice skate blade covers are usually made from plastic and placed around the blades after leaving the ice rink. Some ice skate guards can also be used for walking around the ice rink, but remember to always check the product description if the product is suitable for it.

To keep your blades in top shape, it is advisable to maintain the blade edges with a blade sharpener. For more information about ice skate maintenance, be sure to check our guide for the 7 Easy Maintenance Steps.

Train Your Skills With Ice Skating Accessories

Ice skating accessories can be a major help in learning and advancing skills. For beginners and children, finding a balance on ice can be rather difficult. Therefore, practical and easy-to-use skate trainers are an optimal choice to start ice skating adventures safely and comfortably. Different skill trainers for ice hockey and figure skating, on the other hand, make sure that more advanced skaters can practise their skills even outside the ice rink.

Ice Skate Bags for Convenient Transportation

One of the most important ice skating accessories is an ice skate bag. A proper ice skate bag ensures your skates and other smaller gear can be easily transported to the ice skating location, and it serves also as convenient storage for your skates. Good ice skate bags are made from water-resistant and ventilated materials and have some extra space for your personal belongings. So choose a bag of your liking and be ready to take your beloved skates wherever you go.

Remember to also get suitable protection gear when ice skating. Have a look at our selection of Ice Skating Protection and minimise the risk of injuries on the ice.

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