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What Are Speed Skate Wheels?

Speed or race skate wheels are a specialized type of wheels intended for those inline skaters that compete in marathons, races or that like to roll as fast as possible on the street.

Compared to recreational skate wheels, inline speed skate wheels are usually bigger and harder. Featuring a pointy profile to reduce the amount of friction on the street, this wheel type will dish out the most speed out of any other wheel.

How to Choose the Right Speed Skate Wheels

The first decision you have to make is what you want to accomplish with a new set of speed wheels. These wheels feature four diameters - 90mm, 100mm, 110mm and 125mm. The greater the diameter, the faster you can skate.

90mm inline skate wheels are recommended for beginners and children due to their higher stability and manoeuvrability. 100mm and 110mm inline skate wheels grant higher speeds and are optimal for both casual speed skaters and competitors. Finally, the 125mm inline skate wheels are utilised by marathon skaters to reach the highest speeds and cover long distances as fast as possible.

Speed Wheels vs Roller Blade Wheels

As mentioned, speed skate wheels are bigger and harder than roller blade wheels. Roller blade wheels are between 70mm and 90mm in size, and are softer to provide better grip on most outdoor surfaces. On the other hand, speed wheels are harder than their “road” counterparts and intended to roll on indoor floors, skating rinks and smooth urban surfaces.

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