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The Difference Between Men and Women’s Inline skates

Usually, there are no big differences between men’s and women’s inline skates other than the visual design. However, some manufacturers offer inliners specifically designed for men or women varying in width, shape and height of the cuff.

When designed for women, inline skates have a narrower width and shape to adapt to narrower feet. The cuff of women’s skates is lower than on men’s skates, as women’s calves are placed lower on the leg compared to men.

How to Choose the Right Inline skates for Women

When choosing a pair of skates, there are three main factors to take into consideration: boot type, foot size and wheel size.

First, you have to choose if you want a hard shell skate or a soft shell skate. Hard shells provide more ankle support and control. Soft shells are breathable, comfortable and optimal for fitness skating. Different brands build their skates differently, so remember to check the sizing guides and measure your feet before buying new skates.

Wheels diameter plays an important role in your overall skating experience. The diameter generally ranges from 80 mm to 125 mm. Smaller wheels are often recommended to skaters that want to perform tight turns, slaloms and aim to travel short to medium distances. Bigger wheels - from 90 mm to 125 mm - are optimal for those inline skaters looking for long-distance skating sessions.

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