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Get a longboard deck that fits your style

Longboard decks are the base of longboards and determine the riding characteristics. In this category, you will find a wide selection of decks for longboard, which lets you create your own custom longboard.

Whether you got cravings for adrenaline rushes, high speed and steep slopes, or you are the types of person who gets your kicks by cruising through town looking cool and enjoying the weather or maybe you are the type of person who likes to show your mad skills at the local skatepark - we got a longboard that fits your demands.

Longboard deck construction

The construction and shape of a longboard deck will specify the way the longboard lets you ride. Downhill longboard decks and freeride longboard decks often consist of 7-9 layers of maple wood layers. This leaves you with a super responsive deck, which is very stable at high speeds.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a cruiser deck or a carving longboard deck you’ll often want more comfort than you do when riding downhill at fast speed. A cruiser longboard deck has between 3-7 layers of maple wood combined with a hybrid construction including bamboo and fibreglass layers - perfect for cruising or carving. More flex also means that you can pump your longboard and keep or increase your speed.

Longboard Deck Shapes

The longboard deck's shape defines what style of longboarding you wish to ride. There are six types of longboard deck shapes: Carving, cruiser, downhill, freeride, freestyle and dancer. Read more about the various shapes here.

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