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Reasons to Buy a Snowboard

Buying a snowboard can be a very worthwhile investment if you plan on visiting the mountains frequently. It gives you the control to get exactly the type of snowboard you want. Finding a board with the right length, width and that matches your riding style can make all the difference to your snowboarding experience. As a bonus, you get to choose the graphic and design on the snowboard, which is not possible when renting.

Which Snowboard Is Right for Me?

There are 4 snowboard categories to choose between. Each category is designed to ride in different areas of the mountain. There are also kids snowboards that are size appropriate.

All Mountain Snowboards

They are great for a wide range of snow conditions and different terrain. They give you full control and grip while carving on the piste, and are capable of handling some off piste snow at the side of the slopes. It is also a good choice for beginners and all rounders.

Freeride Snowboards

Fully at home in deep powder but can handle conditions in some firmer snow conditions. They normally have a directional shape for the best flotation in deep snow. Powder snowboards are also found in this category, as they have many similar characteristics.


Splitboard snowboards are made for off piste snowboarding, in the backcountry. These snowboards split in half and act as two skis for climbing uphill and reconnect to ride downhill. Special bindings are required, and should only be used by experienced riders.

Freestyle Snowboards

Also known as park snowboards, they are made for having fun in the snowpark or jibbing on the side of the piste. Another versatile choice, similar to all mountain snowboards. They normally have twin tips and are short for a more playful feel.

Visit Buying Snowboards for more help on how to choose a snowboard.

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