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Complete Cruiser Skateboards Are Agile and Fast

Cruiser skateboards, also called mini longboard cruisers and retro skateboards, are small and handy boards. Their general purpose is to provide convenience and a fun cruising experience.

Cruiser boards are much like longboards in regard to the riding experience, but often come with shorter decks and smaller wheels. They are very agile and responsive, which makes them ideal for cruising around the city and commuting to work or school.

You can find generally two different types of cruisers: wooden cruiser boards and plastic cruiser boards. If you are looking for a plastic cruiser board, have a look at our selection of Penny Boards & Plastic Cruiser Skateboards.

Cruiser Skateboards vs. Regular Skateboards

Cruiser skateboards are fusions of skateboards and longboards, and are generally not bigger than regular skateboards. Their shape is often inspired by the old-school skateboard designs of the 1970s.

Even though you might find a super retro board with a completely flat deck design, cruiser board decks usually feature either a kicktail or double-kicktail, and are similar to skateboards decks. However, unlike skateboards, most cruiser decks have a directional shape. Cruiser boards also have larger and higher trucks than regular skateboards.

The cruiser boards wheels are often larger and softer, which provides good grip, speed and a very smooth ride. At the same time, their bushings are very flexible. This makes cruiser boards easier to turn and manoeuvre when compared to skateboards.

Are Cruiser Skateboards Good For Tricks?

Cruiser boards are built for traveling in urban areas and surfy cruising. However, it is possible to perform simple tricks with cruiser skateboards. Making tricks is easier with cruisers that are shaped similarly to skateboards. A kicktail design is definitely an advantage if you want to try tricks like an ollie.

But because cruisers are heavier and have larger wheels, performing tricks is not as easy. The heavier construction makes the board harder to flip and get off the ground. In addition, you will have less air-time and the board will react more slowly.

So if you want to focus more on tricks and stunts, modern skateboarding should be your first choice. You can have a look at our selection of Complete Skateboards and see if a skateboard suits your style better.

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