BMX Grind Wax


What Is BMX Wax?

BMX wax is the essential ingredient for performing grinds and slides. The wax is used to smoothen the surface of what you are grinding on whether it is a rail, kerb or another rough surface. Using wax will make your grinds faster and longer.

Wax for BMX riding is universal, and the same wax can be applied when skateboarding and skating. Most waxes are made out of paraffin, beeswax, or a combination of both. Good quality wax will easily stick to the surface and not crumble when holding it.

Use BMX Wax for Smoother and Faster Grinds

Grinding is a big part of freestyle BMX. Whether it is feeble grinds, smith or crooked grinds, using wax will go a long way to mastering these stunts. With wax, your grinds will feel smoother and more natural and you will find yourself reaching new speeds.

When applying wax, start out by applying a small amount across the whole rail. Then, try it out with a simple grind. If you find that you are not sliding smoothly, then keep reapplying until it feels right. Remember that it is a lot easier to add more wax rather than take it off.

Wax Helps Maintain Your Pegs

Wax is also important for protecting your bike. Grinding over harsher materials can wear down your pegs and damage your setup. Using a BMX grind wax block will reduce the impact on your bike and therefore boost its longevity.

Furthermore, a lack of wax can cause your bike to get stuck, increasing your risk of falling. Remember that there are plenty of objects out there on the streets that may appear ungrindable at first, but can quickly be smoothened out with some wax.

The key to grinding is having the right pegs, so if you are looking to upgrade, check out our range of Bike pegs.

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