Surfing the streets with a Surfskate

Surf skateboards can be either looked at as an innovation or as going back to the roots, where it all started. When skateboarding came to life in the late '40s, early 50s', it was meant to keep the surfers 'busy' during flat days. Now, surfskates aim at bringing the best and most genuine surf feeling to the streets, where both advanced and beginner surfers can practise the surf movement easily.

What makes surf skateboards special

Surf skateboards expand the concept of carving and pumping to a new level, thanks to their uniquely designed truck mechanism. Contrary to the classic longboard truck, surf skateboards either use a specially modified surfskate truck or they use a surf skate adapter that expands the turning abilities of the surfskate board. Due to this construction, the board is able to turn more dramatically from rail to rail, giving you similar movement and feeling as we know from the surfboard.

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