Roller skate Accessories

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What Accessories Do I Need to Roller skate?

Roller skate accessories are a great way to personalise your setup. While some custom modifications are only of visual value, some roller skate gear will optimise both your speed and skating experience. Quad skate accessories like boots, trucks, bushings, toe stops and laces can improve your skills as well as provide upgraded comfort for higher performance.

When Should I Replace My Roller skate Boots and Trucks?

Roller skate Boots

A new pair of roller skate boots and roller skate trucks are always recommended when you start seeing signs of damage on your current setup. Even the most-well maintained skates won’t last forever - the slighted crack on your hard shell boots or tear on your soft boots can compromise your overall security and stability while skating.

Roller skate Trucks

When the axles of your trucks come loose and you feel that your overall stability and turning ability are compromised, it is time to change your roller skate trucks. Whether you are looking for a baseplate or a set of single-piece trucks, remember to check their compatibility with your boots.

Don’t Forget Your Roller skate Bushings

You should replace your bushings with a new set when they are worn out. A good indicator is when they do not feel as responsive as when they were new. Depending on your frequency of skating, bushings should be replaced every six to twelve months.

Remember to not get on your skates without the right protection. Check out our selection of Skating Protective Gear.

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