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Skateboard Cruiser Wheels Will Give You a Smoother Ride

Skateboard cruiser wheels are designed so that you can ride effortlessly around town. Compared to skateboard wheels, cruiser and penny board wheels are larger and softer, providing you with a smooth ride even on rough surfaces. These softer and larger wheels will give you more speed and a super grip.

For beginners, using cruiser skateboard wheels can be a good way to get into board sports. They are considered easier to control than skateboard wheels and learning to cruise can be a good stepping stone before hitting the skatepark.

Both cruiser and penny board wheels are made of polyurethane. You may notice that some penny and cruiser wheels are labelled as SHR. This stands for Super High Rebound, giving the wheels a bouncier feel.

What Size Cruiser Wheels Do I Need?

The wheel diameter you need largely depends on the size of your deck. The longer the deck, the bigger your wheels should be. While it’s possible to have smaller wheels with a longer deck, this will not result in the best riding experience.

It’s also important to decide on the wheel shape. With cruiser and penny wheels you can choose between sharp-lip or round-lip-shaped wheels. Sharp-lip wheels will give you the best grip, while round lips are great for carving.

Finally, the wheel depends on the rider’s weight and personal preference. Like wheels for skateboarding and longboarding, they are measured on the durometer scale, with the harder the wheel the higher the number.

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