Wheels for cruiser boards

Wheel diameter
Wheel hardness
Wheel width

Penny board wheels and Cruiser wheels: The key to a smooth ride

Your cruiser board wheels or Penny board wheels are one of the most important parts of creating a good riding experience. In our wide selection of Penny board wheels, cruiser skateboards wheels for both vinyl boards and wooden cruiser boards, you’ll find various wheels in different sizes, colours, and durability levels.

Penny boards wheels and cruiser longboard wheels are larger and softer than wheels for traditional skateboards and offer a smoother ride on rough terrain. Furthermore, the larger diameter provides more speed and the softer urethane gives a better grip. Both are beneficial for the cruiser-style.

Get the right shape of the Penny board wheel

The shape of the wheels determines the amount of grip between the board and the road. When you’re cruising on you cruiser skateboard or Penny board you want squared lip shaped wheels, which gives you maximum grip due to the wide contact to the road. Due to the wide grip, this kind of wheels has less tendency to slide out.

Cruiser wheels: Hard enough for the streets?

Another thing to consider, when you buy a cruiser skateboard, a Penny board or a mini skateboard are the hardness of the wheels. The hardness is measured by using the durometer scale. The durometer scale goes from 1a-100a, where the 100a is the hardest wheel you can get.

We recommend that you buy a wheel which is between 78a-87a. Wheels in this interval are soft wheels that'll work great for rough surfaces such as asphalt and concrete pavement. Furthermore, it provides a good grip and rolls over cracks and small stones without any problems.