Wrist Guards


Do I Need Wrist guards for Skating?

Wrist guards, also called wrist protectors, represent an essential piece of equipment for every inline skater and roller skater. Wrist guards for skating are designed to prevent injuries when falling forward on your hands. That is why they are highly recommended for beginner and experienced skaters.

What Size Wrist guards Do I Need?

Wrist guards for skating should have a snug fit over your hand and wrists. Too loose, and they’ll slip away while skating, too tight, and they will block your blood circulation. Before choosing a new pair of skating wrist guards, remember to check the sizing chart of the product. As a general guide, measure the widest hand circumference around your knuckles, excluding your thumb, as well as your wrist circumference.

How to Wear A Wrist guard

To properly secure your skating wrist guards, locate the hard piece of plastic called the splint first. Open your wrist guard and let the part with the splint face down to the ground. Put your hand in by letting your thumb pass through the side hole. Once all things are in place, use the Velcro straps to close the wrist guard up. For a perfect fit, your splint should be parallel to your arm.

Alternatively, you can get a pair of race gloves that are not as bulky as wrist guards. They offer higher breathability and manoeuvrability, but will not offer the same protection as wrist guards for skating.

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