Longboard Trucks

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Good to know

Longboard trucks - standard vs. reverse

There are two types of trucks - reverse kingpin trucks, which we normally see on the longboards and standard kingpin trucks, which are more popular on the skateboards.

Normally if you are assembling a longboard, you would reach after reverse kingpin trucks as they are typically a bit wider and more manoeuvrable then skateboard trucks, making them optimal for cruising on the longer decks.

Reverse kingpin trucks on a skateboard deck

Reverse kingpin trucks are designed to provide the optimal ride on a longer, wider deck, yet they are not exclusively made for longboards. If you want to upgrade your skateboard and make it more playful and agile you could instal reversed kingpin trucks on a skateboard as well, but you should follow up a few simple rules.

When choosing the width of the trucks, it is not recommended to have much wider trucks then a deck, as you risk serious shoe bites due to the wheels sticking from the sides. Also if you plan to mount your longboard trucks with new cruiser wheels, you might need to use riser pads, to avoid wheel bites while turning.

The difference between top mount and drop-through longboard trucks

Depending on what you want from your longboard, you can go for either drop through trucks or regular longboard trucks. The difference is that with drop though ones the baseplate sits on top of the deck while the hanger goes at the bottom. They keep you closer to the ground while regular, top mount trucks are higher off the ground.