Head Torches & Headlamps

Light up your path with a running headlamp.

Get the ultimate freedom with a running headlamp. Whether you’re training for a marathon or are just using running as a recreational sport to keep you in shape A LED headlamp is an essential part of your running equipment.

A headlamp comes in handy in the winter months where it gets dark early or if you're into trail running, where you sometimes run at night. However, a running headlamp is also a great way to expand your possibility of running in the woods or parks in the early mornings or doing dusk in the summer months.

Lumens - The key factor in deciding in how strong the light of your headlamp is

When you’re looking through our range of running headlamps, you’ll come across a number followed by the term Lumens. The higher the number is, the more bright the light is. LED head torches in the range of 80 lumens to 5.000 lumens.

80 lumens is suitable for a walk at night, but if you’re running in the woods in the total dark with our top model with 5.000 lumens can light up your trail. Be aware that you need a LED headlamp with a high lumen number if you are traveling at higher speeds.

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