Rash Guards


Rash Guard Shirts Provide All-Round Protection

Rash guards are often seen on surfers, wakeboarders, or many other water sports enthusiasts. Different from a wetsuit that is designed to keep you warm, rash guards are worn to protect your skin.

The first protection rash guards offer is against the sun. The tightly woven lycra blocks UV rays from reaching your skin, preventing sunburn. Long sleeve rash guards provide more skin coverage, but you will also find short sleeve rash guards as well.

Protection from skin rubbing against the surfboard is the second benefit of wearing a rash guard and is where it got its name from. Surfers spend a lot of time laying on the board while paddling out and without the lycra shirt on, friction can cause a nasty rash.

Difference Between Swim Shirts and Rash Guards

Swim shirts also fall into this category, as they are made with the same lycra material but are more loose and casual fitting. The relaxed fit makes them more comfortable to wear when relaxing by the beach or splashing in the water. Rash guards have a tighter fit, so there is less excess material to restrict your movements while surfing.

Rash guards and swim shirts for men, women and children come in all colours and styles, so check out our full range before choosing one. If you are looking for some tops that provide warmth as well as protection, then check out Wetsuit Tops.

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