Roller Skates for Kids (age 3+)

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What Characterises Roller skates for Kids?

Children’s roller skates (or quad skates for kids) are specifically designed to be comfortable, and the mounting of the wheels makes it easy for the younger skaters to keep balance. In the front, there is a toe stop, generally used as a brake. Kids’ roller skates feature an easy closing system and soft wheels for maximum grip on most surfaces.

Which Roller skates Are Best for Kids?

Quad skates for children are often recommended as the best beginner skates, offering great control and fun rolls. When choosing roller skates for your kids, remember to consider the kind of boot and wheel size you want to get.

Decide between a soft or hard boot. Soft boots are very breathable and are more comfortable. Hard boots are very durable and offer higher ankle support and control over the skate. Kids’ roller skates feature small wheels (generally 54-58 mm in diameter) due to the fact that they are easy to manoeuvre and do not reach excessive speeds too quickly. This way, little ones can practise roller skating safely.

Choosing the Right Size of Roller skates for Kids

As a rule of thumb, it is a good idea to choose roller skates that are one size bigger than the child's shoe size. However, you should always remember to measure the length of the foot of your kid and to check the sizing guide for the specific model, since every brand manufactures skates differently. Adjustable roller skates allow you to change the shoe size of the skates as the children’s feet grow, thus constituting a fantastic solution to make the skates usable for a longer period of time.

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