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The stunt scooter headset is small but essential

A stunt scooter headset is an essential part of a scooter build. A headset is installed into the head tube of the scooter deck and makes sure that the fork rotates properly.
Stunt scooter headsets come in different forms and quality. The two most popular types are non-integrated and integrated headsets.

Non-integrated headsets only work with a standard deck. In order to instal a non-integrated headset, the bottom and top cap are pressed into the deck - tools are required.

Integrated scooter headsets only work with integrated decks, and it is very easy to instal an integrated headset since the bottom and top cap are already integrated into the head tube.

What is an integrated headset and a non-integrated headset?

Let's start off with what an integrated headset is. Like any scooter headset, an integrated headset has a bottom and a top cup, the difference is that these are integrated into the scooter's head tube.

This also means that you don't need special tools to instal an integrated headset. But keep in mind that this type of scooter headset only fits integrated scooter decks.

Non-integrated headsets need a bit more maintenance. The bearings come with a top and bottom cup which needs to be pressed into the head tube. Furthermore, non-integrated headsets might be threaded, and these threaded headsets are only compatible with threaded forks.

A stunt scooter headset is a precise piece of equipment and its parts should fit together perfectly. If you are feeling insecure about your next headset or have a question regarding the compatibility, feel free to give us a call.

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