Dirt jump BMX bikes & Dirt jump mountain bikes

Dirt jump bikes are either mountain bikes or BMX bikes used for the freestyle discipline Dirt Jump. Here you can find mountain bikes for dirt jumping. Some of the models are all-round bikes, that you can use for both dirt and park riding.

Dirt Jump Bikes

These dirt jump bikes come with a solid and extra durable steel frame that is slightly smaller than the frame of a conventional mountain bike. The stand over height is also lower on these bikes. The wheels are usually around 24-26 inches. All-round mountain bikes used for dirt jumping will typically have wheels that are 26 inches. Most of these mountain bikes run single-speed with one brake.

What is Dirt Jump?

The dirt jump tracks consist of a series of jumps made by either dirt or wood. Dirt Jump revolves around performing tricks and stunts where the rider has to take off from different mounds, perform stunts in the air and land on the mound again. The jumps are quite large to give the rider time in the air and thus the opportunity to perform advanced stunts.

Mountain Bikes - The History behind

In the 1970's mountain biking started to become very popular in Northern California, where the riders mostly used their bikes for riding down hills. It was not until the late 1970's and early 1980's that road bicycle companies started to produce mountain bikes.
In the beginning, mountain bikes were homebuilt bikes used for all riding styles, however, as the sport evolved into different styles, so did the bikes. Instead of using the same bike for stunts, racing, etc. special mountain bikes were created for each style.

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