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What Are BMX Rims?

Wheel rims for BMX riding are the metal frames of the wheel, holding the tyres in place. They are connected to the hub by spokes, and they are made of aluminium, steel or even more premium materials such as carbon fibre.

What Size BMX Rims Do I Need?

The most common rim size for both freestyle and race is 20 inches. This is the diameter found on standard and pro BMX models and is suitable for adults and taller children. Smaller sizes such as 18, 16, and 14 inch rims are available for smaller riders. For freestyle riders, check out our BMX Freestyle Size chart to see what wheel/rim size we recommend based on age and the rider’s height.

The BMX rim width can vary, but generally the range stays between 30-36 mm. The most common size is 32 mm, but some riders prefer it to be narrower to reduce weight, or wider to increase stability.

The number of spokes BMX rims can take will affect the weight and strength of the wheel, but a 36 spoked wheel is the most common and suitable for freestyle. More spokes equals more strength, so more advanced or heavier riders may consider rims that can hold more spokes, with 48 spokes being the next common size. Race BMX bikes often have fewer spokes compared to freestyle rims to reduce weight, thus maximising speed.

Single Vs Double-Walled BMX Rims

One of the biggest decisions to make when buying rims is whether to get them single or double-walled. Double-walled are considered a sturdier option, making them perfect for freestyle riding. These rims also provide a great strength to weight ratio.

Single-walled rims are not as strong double-walled rims and for this reason, they are usually more affordable. However, this reduced weight means that they are the preferred option by some racers.

If you wish to complete your wheel mounting hubs, spokes and hardware on your rims, you can check out our collection in our main category Wheels & Parts.

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