BMX Seat Clamps


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BMX Seat Clamps Keep Your Saddle in Place

BMX seat clamps keep your seat post in place and stop saddle movement. It is a small but important part of your setup that can be found at the top of the seat tube. If you want to change your saddle height, it is the BMX seat post clamp that you need to loosen to adjust. The majority of BMX clamps have an internal diameter of 25.4mm, which is the standard diameter of a BMX seat tube.

Most seat clamps for BMX are made out of aluminium alloy to ensure the optimal strength to weight ratio. Compared to clamps for other styles of bikes, BMX clamps are closed with a bolt rather than a quick release system, as you will not need to adjust your seat height often. When buying a seat clamp, remember to check that you have the right tools to close it.

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