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What Are BMX Cruiser Bikes?

Wheelie bikes, also called Cruiser BMX bikes or Big Wheels BMX, are the largest of all BMX bikes. They have larger wheels compared to traditional freestyle and race BMX giving them a look that is similar to a mountain bike.

Like standard BMX racing bikes, they are lightweight and built to reach the maximum possible speeds. Despite their larger size, cruisers can still withstand all the hard impacts of a regular 20 inch BMX. Wheelie bikes are versatile in what you can do with them. They have been part of the racing scene for decades, but have recently become associated with urban freestyle riding.

What Size BMX Cruiser Bike Do I Need?

The larger size of wheelie bikes makes them popular with taller and older riders who seek more stability. To get the best riding experience, the taller you are, the bigger the wheel you should ride with. With cruisers, the wheels generally come in 24, 26, or 29 inches and the top tube can range from around 21 to 24 inches.

To get an idea of what size cruiser will fit you best, have a look at our Size Guide.

Big Wheel Bikes - The Best BMX for Cruising

While everyone enjoys performing tricks and stunts, sometimes you just need your BMX for a quick trip or feel like a short ride around the neighborhood. BMX cruisers are the most suitable for this sort of riding. These big wheel bikes will allow you to cover more ground and ride faster compared to smaller models. However, cruiser bikes are still a type of BMX, meaning that you will need to stand up to produce the most power.

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