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Your backcountry ski bindings have to be wide

When choosing backcountry ski bindings for want to scale up the dimensions, when comparing to the classic cross country setup. The dimensions for both skis and bindings are bigger and heavier than the classic setup.

When skiing in the backcountry, you want your skis and bindings to be suitable for every condition. Sometimes you meet the deep powder snow, and sometimes you meet a more classic cross country underlay.

The skis for backcountry skiing are wider, whereas the bindings also follow these measurements. Our bindings come in the dimensions from 58mm to 68mm and are only compatible with certain backcountry boots. See under the product specifications, which kind of boots the particular bindings are compatible with.

The Rottefella BC Magnum Black Bindings are the widest bindings in our assortment, but even though the binding is developed for the wider ski, it can be fitted with skis down to a 52mm of width.

In general, the wide control plate on backcountry ski bindings provides great stability and control over the skis, which is crucial at the backside of the mountain, where you rarely knows that is behind the next turn. Besides that, the terrain and snow conditions are more diverse.

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