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The features of figure skates

Figure skates are designed for the sport of figure skating. They usually have a finer and more stylish design than conventional skates. Furthermore, figure ice skates have boots with less lining and protective layers than the conventional skates.

Figure skates are available with ankle high boots, and most of the skates have shoelaces instead of buckles. Many contemporary figure ice skates are made of artificial leather or PVC. The synthetic material provides more strength and lighter weight than leather, which is an advantage when figure skating, especially when performing tricks. Because a proper fit is important, some people get their figure skates adjusted to fit their feet perfectly.

Figure ice skates are available with steel blades. The blades are slightly curved which is visible if you look at the profile of the skates. One of the most significant characteristics of figure skates is the toe pick in the front of the blades. These toe picks are made for a better grip when you need to set off and make jumps. Furthermore, the blade extends beyond the heel of the boot for more directional stability. Most of the figure skates are available in either white or black. The white skates are often worn by female figure skaters, while the black skates are usually worn by male figure skaters. However, the figure ice skates are also available in other colours.

What can I use figure ice skates for?

Figure skates can easily be used for ordinary ice skating on the skating rink. But they are specially designed for figure skating. The first figure ice skates were developed in the 19th century when ice skating became increasingly popular and finally separated into figure skating and speed skating. Figure skating is performed in 4 different disciplines: Single skating, pair skating, ice dancing, and synchronised figure skating. The winners of the respective sports are determined by a special rating system.

See our buying guide for ice skates for advice on how to choose the correct size and model.

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