Ice Skate Protection

Why Use Ice Skate Protection?

Ice skating protection is designed to prevent injuries from happening when you fall. Due to the nature of the slippery surface and the balance needed to glide on such narrow blades, it is no surprise that the risk of injury is high. Beginner ice skaters can be unstable as they adjust to the lack of friction under their feet, while experienced skaters can reach such high speeds that a fall without protection can be consequential.

Do I Need Ice Skating Pads?

Getting ice skating pads will not only reduce injury but will give you peace of mind and let you skate with more confidence. Figure skaters that we see in the Olympics are not wearing ice skating pads, but they are highly skilled professionals.

Recreational skaters should protect the areas of the body that are likely to hit the ice in a fall. Knees, elbows and wrists are the body parts to take the most impacts, as well as the hip and tailbone area. Pads can be bought to cover all of these areas, so you feel safe and protected. Not all pads need to be worn on the outside of your clothes. Slimmer fitting pads are able to go under your trousers or jumper, so they are less visible.

Ice hockey is the type of sport where maximum ice skate protection is required, and they have specific safety gear built for ice hockey players. To see this, check our Hockey Protection Equipment.

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