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What Is the Function of a Sprocket?

BMX sprockets are required to create forward motion on a BMX bicycle. They are a key part of your bike’s drivetrain and impact how your ride feels. Sprockets come in a range of colour schemes and styles to help you customise your setup.

BMX bike sprockets are usually made out of variations of aluminium or steel. Aluminium sprockets have a high strength to weight ratio, whereas steel sprockets are stronger, more affordable but heavier. You might want to also consider a BMX sprocket guard. This is particularly recommended for aggressive riders who regularly bite the rail or curbs.

What Sprocket Size Is Best for BMX?

The sprocket size that you need depends on your style of riding. BMX sprocket sizes are measured by how many teeth they have. On a Freestyle BMX bike, the most common number of teeth on the front sprocket is between 25 and 28. However, this can range from 16 to 45. Most modern freestyle BMX bikes come with a 25/9 gear ratio.

Increasing the number of teeth on the front sprocket will result in a higher gear ratio. This means that it will be harder to take off, but you will be able to reach faster speeds and generate more power. Sprockets made for racing have more teeth, and a ratio of 44/16 is the preferred choice for many riders.

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