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Find a freestyle BMX sprocket with the right amount of teeth

BMX bike sprockets are required to create forward motion on a BMX bicycle. How much speed you can get, is determined by how many teeth you have on the front bike sprocket. Larger front sprocket gives more speed, but requires more power to pedal. On a Freestyle BMX bike, the most common number of teeth on the front sprocket is between 25-28.

On a Freestyle BMX, the bike sprockets can be mounted with a bolt. This is known as a bolt-drive. Some BMX bicycle sprockets are mounted on a spline-compatible crank. BMX bike sprockets are mounted on a spline-compatible crank allows more torque than bolt-drive. The reason is that the spline gives about 48 contact points between the sprocket and the crank opposed to the one offered in a bolt-drive.

A sprocket with 48 contact points might sound like the obvious choice, but a lot of Freestyle BMX riders prefer a bolt-drive mounted sprocket since it actually gives the rider the ability to tighten the sprockets.

We have a wide variety of different BMX bike sprockets that are compatible with both bolt-drive and spline-compatible cranks. These are delivered with an adapter for the purpose. Read more about this under the specific product description.

Should you use a BMX sprocket guard?

If you are a very aggressive rider who regularly bites the rail or pavement, you might want to consider one of our guarded sprockets.

We have a few guarded sprocket that comes with an extra layer of protection, since a piece of metal protects the teeth, and therefore and in many cases expands the lifetime of the sprocket. A bit more expensive for sure, but it only takes one unfortunate crash and the extra money will be well spent.

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