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Keep your gear safe

One of the most important accessories when it comes to water sports is the protective/carry bag. Whether you want to toss your board in the car and drive to the nearest spot or pack your gear and take the next flight in search of warmer waters, a protective sleeve or carry bag is a good thing to have. Often watersport gear can be bulky, odd shaped or just consisting of too many parts. A bag can sort this inconvenience for you and make transporting your gear from spot to spot.

Leave the water in the sea

Enjoying the water and having fun is the essence of water action sports. However, not many would enjoy bringing the water with them in the car or all over their phone.

That is why we got some useful accessories, such as dry pocket arm straps, quick-dry, and car seat towels. Those will make sure to keep the water away once you are out of the water.

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