Longboard & Skateboard Protection

Should I Get Protective Gear for Skateboarding?

Protective skating gear is essential for staying safe when skateboarding or longboarding. No matter if you are just starting out or are an experienced skater, protection will help keep you safe and let you focus on your skating. Falling over is a part of the skating experience, so skate in peace of mind with the right protective gear.

Moreover, wearing protection will give you the confidence to attempt new tricks and reach new speeds on your board. Although you may see pros without protection, longboarding and skateboarding protective gear is a must for all beginners.

The Different Types of Skateboard Protection

Commonly worn longboard and skateboard protection includes a helmet, skate pads, and impact shorts. Helmets are essential for keeping your head protected. It is important to get a skateboard helmet that snugly fits your head.

Padding for skateboarding can be worn for your knees, elbows and wrists and will probably be the skateboard protective equipment that you will use the most. For longboarding, it is normal to wear a pair of gloves that will keep your hands protected when performing carves.

Worried that protective gear will ruin your skater look? Don’t worry, contemporary protection is often developed with a stylish, minimalist design that will ensure that people are paying more attention to your skills than what you are wearing.

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