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What Are the Best Wheels for Free Skating?

Freeskating wheels will give you maximum freedom when skating. Designed for manoeuvrability and to keep a low centre of gravity, freestyle skate wheels are made to survive the whole range of surfaces you will encounter when skating in urban environments.

Free skate wheels most commonly have a diameter of 80 mm but many skaters choose wheels either bigger or smaller than this to suit their style. Also, compared to classic inline skates, freeskates often have a smaller frame, resulting in a shorter wheelbase.

It’s common for freestyle wheels to come without bearings, so make sure that your freeskates will get the best wheel roll with a set of Freeskate Bearings.

Slalom Vs. Urban Wheels

If you are really into one type of freeskating then you can look to buy specific wheels for your favourite discipline.

With freeskating slalom wheels, these are made to give you the best control on hard urban surfaces. Slalom wheels usually have a hardness of 84A or below, to give you the best grip and a diameter of between 76 to 84 mm. Many slalom skaters also choose to have slightly bigger wheels in the middle of the frame, which makes them able to do fast, sharp turns.

For urban skating, the wheels are designed so that you can get around the busy city environments and quickly dodge whatever obstacles you might face. When it comes to wheel size, a diameter of anything from 80 mm to 110 mm is popular. This size will give you a great combination of control and speed. Of course, if you want to go faster then opt for a larger wheel.

If you want to know more about freeskate wheels, and freeskating in general, then check out our Guide to Buying Freeskates.

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