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What Are Roller Hockey skates?

Roller hockey skates, also known as inline hockey skates and street hockey skates, are considered as the basic roller hockey equipment for anyone who wants to practise street hockey. They are very similar to ice hockey skates with the obvious difference of having wheels instead of blades and softer boots providing more torque and flex.

Roller hockey skate wheels are usually between 76mm - 80mm, not too small and not too big. Medium-sized wheels offer higher stopping power, faster acceleration and manoeuvrability than big-sized wheels. They are usually very soft wheels, to provide maximum grip on the smooth surface of the rink. However, if you plan to play outdoors, harder wheels are the best option for cement and asphalt.

What Size Roller Hockey skates Should I Get?

When looking for a new pair of street hockey skates remember to check our size guides and measure your feet first. Sizes vary from brand to brand and sizing hockey skates is different from sizing shoes. Roller hockey skates should provide a snug fit for maximum power transfer and manoeuvrability. A pair of street hockey skates too big and you might get sore feet and blisters.

How to Choose Roller Hockey skates

Consider your style and level of play. Recreational inline hockey skates are built for new players. They are affordable and are a great option for beginners and young players or if you just play for fun with friends. Entry-level street hockey skates often feature a flat setup with four 80mm wheels for increased stability.

Advanced players that spend at least one or two times a week in the rink, will prefer a more serious skate. They generally have lighter, stiffer boots and feature a different wheel setup considered as the industry standard - two 76mm wheels in the front and two 80mm wheels in the back - providing the best possible stopping power and control on tight turns.

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