Backcountry Cross Country Ski Boots

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Backcountry Ski boots Are Built to Be Warm and Comfortable

Backcountry cross country ski boots are made for varying terrains and snow conditions outside groomed tracks, and they can be compared to a set of hiking boots. Since you spend days walking and skiing in these boots, they need to be comfortable, stable, and warm.

Backcountry, or BC ski boots, do not provide maximal performances regarding power transition, but they deliver consistency and sturdiness necessary for long hikes in the snow. The material used for backcountry ski boots is usually leather, and most boots have Thinsulate insulation for warmth. In addition, BC ski boots come with high cuffs that minimise the risk of getting snow inside the boot. High cuffs also provide support for ankles.

Backcountry Boots Are only Compatible with Backcountry Bindings

When buying a pair of backcountry cross country boots, remember to check if they are compatible with your BC bindings. There are two main binding systems for the backcountry: NNN BC and the 75 mm (3-pin) toe system. These binding systems are compatible only with backcountry boots. You can find suitable bindings from our Cross Country Backcountry Binding selection.

Backcountry cross country ski boots feature two different kinds of sole types that fit either of the binding systems. The more common sole type gets hooked into the binding through a metal stick as in classic boots and is compatible with NNN BC binding systems. The boots that fit the 75 mm toe system feature a nib at the boot’s toe area, similar to telemark boots. Backcountry boots have a wider and thicker metal bar at the toe, which is why they are not compatible with regular cross country bindings.

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