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Kids Bike Helmets for Young BMX Riders

Young BMX riders are going faster and higher than ever before, so it is important they have a proper fitting, certified BMX helmet to protect the head. While a regular bike helmet can be used, skate style helmets work best. Unlike cycle helmets, skate helmets provide protection for the back of the head and are design to withstand multiple impacts. The multiple impact design means that you don’t have to replace the helmet after a heavy fall. All of our youth helmets are certified for a particular level of action sports, which you can find in the product specifications.

Kids BMX helmets are sized using XXS - XXL, head circumference or a combination of both. Measuring the head circumference is the most accurate method, and a soft measuring tape is needed. To see how to use the tape measure on your child's head, check out How to Wear Your Helmet.

Does My Child Need a Full Face Helmet?

Kids full face helmets are available for children that ride at the fastest speeds and perform big stunts. This can also be an option for kids that just want the highest level of protection. Full face BMX helmets cover the sides of the head as well as the jaw, chin, and mouth area, only leaving a window for the eyes and nose. In many BMX competitions, it is a requirement for children to wear a full face helmet.

Children also need other parts of their bodies protected from the potential crashes they might have on their BMX bikes. Check out Kids protection to see the collection of knee, elbow pads and more.

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