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Skimboards: What Are They Made Of?

A skimboard is what you ride on when skimboarding. Different from regular surfing boards, they are shorter, lighter and easier to carry. There are many styles of skimboards, based on their material, size and shape.

When it comes to skimboard material you can choose between foam or wood. Foam skimboards are playful, have high buoyancy and are perfect for kids and recreational use.

Given their flexibility and water flotation, they are the preferred choice of those skimmers that want to ride the waves in the sea.

Wooden skimboards are heavier than foam skimboards and suitable for flatland skimming. They have low buoyancy and should be used on shallow waters. Experienced riders that want to perform tricks on ramps and rails use this kind of board as wood is more resistant than foam.

Choosing the Right Skimboard: Size and Shape

When buying a new skimboard you should consider your weight, height and the speed you want to reach. The bigger the size of a skimmer board the more weight it can carry. Advanced skimmers usually prefer smaller boards as they are easy to manoeuvre and perform tricks on. Beginners and kids might be better with a larger board as it is easier to keep balance on.

The shape is determined by how curved the noses and tails are. Pro skimboards are generally sharper with highly curved front and back edges. On the other hand, beginner and kids’ skimboards have less curved noses and tails for better stability.

Are you still not sure which skimboard to buy? Have a look at our Buying a Skimboard guide.

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