Ice Skating Wrist guards


Do Ice Skaters Wear Wrist guards?

Ice skating wrist guards are an important piece of protection for both adults and children skating on the ice. Many ice skaters will catch themselves with their hands as they fall, so the wrist guards can absorb a lot of the pressure. As well as reducing the risk of injury, it can make you feel that bit safer on the ice.

Most ice and figure skating wrist guards contain a splint that is made from a strong plastic and is shaped to support the wrist bone. Other parts of the wrist guard are made from softer fabrics that provide skin protection from the ice. Choosing the right size of wrist guard is as easy as measuring the circumference of your wrist or hand, depending on the model.

Like a lot of skating protection, wrist guards are universal so they can also be used for skating, skateboarding and many other sports. To see our full collection of ice skating pads as well as helmets, check out Ice Skate Protection.

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