Wakeboard bindings

Shoe size

Characteristics of good wakeboard bindings

In this selection, you’ll find various designs of both wakeboard bindings and wakeboard boots. What type you choose will depend on of your style of riding and of course your foot. Each brand has it’s own unique of features to offer you, from the shape of the boot to the lacing system. But there are a few rules you can take in consideration when you choose both a pair of wakeboard boots and wakeboard bindings.


One of the most important things to consider, when you’re choosing a pair of boots and bindings are the flex which comes in stiff and flexy. What you choose is a matter of your preference and your style of riding. Stiff boots are more responsive and offer more support through the ankle. Flexy boots allow more mobility and are great for beginners.

The fit

A key thing in the process to choose the perfect binding and boots is simply to know your feet. You need to take your shape off your foot in consideration. Do you have skinny or bulky feet? Do you have high arches or flat feet? All these are important to take in consideration.

The size

If it’s possible we recommend that you measure your foot, so you're sure that you get the right size. If you’re only going to choose your bindings and boots from your shoe size, we would recommend that you consider going down ½ a size for a wakeboard binding and boots. We cannot point out enough that there should be no heel lift and that it should be snug all over.

Furthermore, make sure that your boots and feet are wet when trying on wakeboard bindings. If they are dry, it’ll be a nightmare to get them on!

The wake bindings need to fit your board

There are three simple ways to make sure, that your bindings fit your wakeboard. The easiest way is to buy a set of bindings from the same manufacturer. The second option is to check the screws they will either be ¼” standard screws or M6 metric screws.

The final option is to contact our wakeboard specialists at our Customer Connection Team, which can help you.

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