Wakeboard Bindings

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What Are Wakeboard Bindings?

Wakeboard bindings, also known as wakeboard boots, are what attach your feet to the wakeboard. They can greatly affect the experience you have out on the water, so it is important to choose wisely. When buying wakeboard boots, factors to consider are the flex, size and board compatibility.

What Wakeboard Bindings Should I Get?

Wakeboard bindings vary in flex and binding style. Also, the right wakeboard boot depends on your riding style. Flex is one of the most important features. Stiff wakeboard boots are considered an optimal choice for those riders looking for high ankle support, stability and speed. While bindings with a softer flex allow riders more mobility. Generally, beginner bindings are softer than bindings made for advanced riders.

Bindings style refers to the closure and lacing system. Boots can be open toe or closed toe, with velcro straps, BOA lacing system or rubber straps. The lacing system depends on the rider’s personal preference. Open boots are more flexible and offer more breathing room. Closed boots provide a snugger fit for more control and leverage on the board.

What Size of Wakeboard Bindings Do I Need?

You want your boots to be snug with no heel lift, but not so much that it is painful. Measure your foot in order to get the right size. If you’re only going to choose your bindings and boots from your shoe size, it is recommended that you consider going down ½ a size for a wakeboard binding and boots. Some riders use heat-moldable liners that can make the boots fit even better.

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