Scooter Bearings

Bearing precision

Get the right bearings for your scooter

The bearings are an important part of your scooter. They make sure that your wheels rotate freely and fast. Here you’ll find our selection of kick bearings suitable for scooters. Keep in mind that each wheel requires two bearings. If you are looking for a set of high-quality bearings we recommend that take a look at the scooter bearings in this category. We have steel bearings that have been around for many years, but also some new players on the market, where every detail has been perfected upon perfected. We also have the cult-bearings from Red Bones, that were initially produced for skateboards but have also been picked up by scooter riders.

How about ceramic kick bearings?

Bones Reds bearings are produced in steel, but if you want a very durable and high-speed bearing, you should go for a set of ceramic bearings.

If one of your bearings has broken or just in really bad condition, you don’t have to replace all of your bearings.That being said; if your bearings are older than one year at the point of one of them is breaking, we will recommend that you replace all of them while you are at it.

The kick bearings for an adjustable scooter is usually produced in a high ABEC-grading. Since these scooters are manufactured for transportation, we recommend that you choose a high grading since this will reduce the energy needed to maintain speed.

Spacers that have to be used between the scooter bearings can be found in this category here.

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