Bags for Cross Country Skiing

Bags for Your Cross Country Adventure

Protect your skis and stay well equipped with the right cross country bag. When it comes to cross country ski bags these can be divided into two types: the ski bags to transport your skis, and the backpacks to wear when you are out on a trek.

The ski bags, also called nordic ski bags, are what you need to store your skis in if you plan on traveling with them. These bags often come with shoulder straps making it easy for you to carry around a busy airport or train station.

Ski backpacks on the other hand are to be worn while you are out cross country skiing. These will be able to hold all of the essentials while making sure that it doesn’t add too much weight.

Another important component to keeping your cross country skis in top condition is having the right wax. You can find our selection of wax on our Cross Country Ski Wax page.

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