Ski Bags


Bags for winter sport

When you are going on a ski trip or in any other situation where you need ski or snowboard gear, you will also need a good bag for the purpose. At SkatePro you can find a good selection of ski bags and snowboard bags, specifically designed for winter sports.

Ski bag

A ski bag that can store and protect your skis are available in different models. Some are very basic while others have extra padding and/or several separate pouches for your equipment. These extra features secure to avoid the damage that your skis could face during transport or storage. It is also a good thing to have a ski bag when you are storing your skis and ski gear at home during the summer. Most of the bags can also contain a pair of skis and ski poles.

Travel ski bag

This is the big ski bag that can often contain several pairs of skis. Many of them come with good padding that can protect your gear against rough transportation in airports, busses or on the roof of your car. Some of the models also come with several pockets and also wheels for easier transportation.

Ski boot bag

With a ski boot bag you can easily store your ski boots and carry them with you without any problems. You can get ski boot bags with a shoulder strap and a handle – very practical and easy.

Snowboard bag

With a snowboard bag you can protect your snowboard and at the same time keep track of all your snowboard gear like boots, gloves, back protectors etc. Snowboard bags can be found in both basic and tour models.


No matter if you need a backpack for riding back country on the offpiste, or just want to have a small picnic on the mountain, you can find the right backpack at SkatePro. We offer several different models for winter use. We have basic backpacks to carry some food and beverages in and some extra gear for a long day on skis. We also have more technically good backpacks with safety equipment and the possiblity of attaching your skis or snowboard onto the backpack.