Impact Shorts and Padded Pants


Why should I wear impact shorts?

The question is actually: Is there any reason not to wear a set of impact shorts? And no - there isn't a good reason not to wear padded trousers or padded shorts as they are also called. These trousers offer a great deal of protection on the hips and tailbone and can save you from a lot of bruising on these body parts.

There is nothing worse than a bruised tailbone. If you take a direct hit on the tailbone without a set of impact shorts you could end up in a situation, where even gentle falls on your behind will cause a great amount of pain. That is also the reason why a lot of good skiers and snowboarders wear them.

We have a wide assortment of different types of padded trousers, and one thing you should consider, is whether you prefer a pair of crash trousers with a tight fit, that can be worn underneath your regular trousers, or if you want a pair that has a more regular and loose fit, which can be worn as a regular pair of shorts.

The one big question that stands to be answered is: Do a set of impact shorts make your behind look big? No - they don't - but if they do, they are worth it.

As a customer once wrote in a review:

"One bad fall made me realise how sad I was when I couldn’t snowboard for weeks. Joy over vanity, I say. Save the vanity for the hot tub!"

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