Ice skates for Kids

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Kids Ice skates - hours, days and weeks of fun

Here you can find our selection of kids ice skates. But it's also the category where you will find toddlers ice skates and a wide assortment of girls ice skates. Some of these ice skates for kids are suitable when you want to play ice hockey while others are just for fun, recreational use and exercise on the ice.

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A few of the models in our product range are designed for small kids. These toddler ice skates can be mounted directly on the child’s boots, so the child can use its favourite boots when skating instead of using an ice skate boot that has to be worn a lot before it is comfortable to wear.

Toddler ice skates also have two blades per skate for better balance and control. Furthermore, they have an extra wide blade space to create stability. These kids skates are developed for small children who are learning to skate on ice for the first time.

Kids ice skates – for older kids

Most of the kids ice skates in this category are very similar to skates for adults, both because of the design and the function. The kids ice skates will often be identic with the skates for adults, as it is actually pretty much the same skates - but in smaller sizes. The skates are available with steel blades. Many of the skates have an easy closing system with memory buckles that “remembers” how much the buckles were fastened the last time they were used.

Several of the ice skates for kids are adjustable which means that they can be adjusted, not just one, but several sizes. Because of this feature, your child will be able to use these kids ice skates for several seasons without growing out of them.

See our buying guide for ice skates for advice on how to choose the correct size and model.