Snowboard Bindings

Shoe size
Binding system

Getting the best snowboard bindings are important since they are the part of your snowboard setup that holds you and your feet in place on the snowboard. It is also through snowboard bindings that you achieve support and stiffness due to the high back (the part of your calf) and the base plate which is the bottom of the snowboard binding. Most of all snowboard bindings are traditional two-strap setups with an ankle strap and a toe strap. They have adjustable highbacks and a turn-able plate or disc in the centre of the baseplate that attaches the binding to the snowboard.

Choosing the best snowboard binding systems

All snowboards come with pre-made holes for screws. Most of the brands that make snowboard bindings make snowboards that use 4 screws (the standard system). An exception to this rule is Burton snowboards that use a two-screw "slider-channel" on most of their models (also called EST). This gives infinite adjustment possibilities. Make sure you know, which system your snowboard uses. Most bindings come with several different discs that make them fit the different binding systems.

Snowboard binding straps

There are three types of straps:

  • The toe cap strap that is placed on the front of the snowboard boot for a comfortable and stable fit. This strap also helps to keep the foot in place in the heel-cup, because it is placed out on the tip of the boot to attain more direct contact with the snowboard.
  • The traditional toe strap that is often found on cheap bindings merely to hold your snowboard boots in place. It can't be used as a toe cap strap.
  • The ankle strap which is placed over the ankle to hold the foot safely in place. This strap is bigger and softer and it is an important part of the snowboard bindings

Snowboard binding parts: Highbacks and baseplates

The highback and the baseplate transfer the energy from your movements into the snowboard. Stiffer highback and baseplate gives a faster and more direct grip, but can also lead to fatigue and leg cramps, so if you are new to the sport or only have limited experience and ride a lot in the park, you should, therefore, choose snowboard bindings with a softer flex.

The size of snowboard bindings

The size of your snowboarding bindings should fit the size of the snowboard boot, and they generally come in small, medium and large. The correct size will hold your boot safely on the snowboard binding. A general rule of thumb when you are choosing the binding size is:

  • Small = Men: size 36-41, women: size 34-36.5
  • Medium = Men: size 41-44, women: size 36.5-40
  • Large = Men: size 43+, women: size 40+

If the straps don't fit perfectly when you unpack your new snowboard bindings, there's no need for worrying; they are adjustable. The most important thing is that your snowboard boot fits inside the width of the snowboard and within the heel-cup.

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