Cruiser Skateboards

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Cruising With a Skateboard Is a Convenient Way of Commuting

Cruising is a style of skateboarding where the rider skates by pushing, smooth turns and pumping at comfortable speeds. Riders use a cruiser board, often shortened to just cruiser, which is becoming increasingly popular not just with skaters also those looking for a quick way to get around town. A big reason for this is their size. Cruisers are smaller in comparison to longboards, making them easy to carry around and more agile to ride in crowded cities.

Cruiser Skateboarding Is a Beginner-Friendly Sport

Riding a cruiser board is a perfect beginner sport, and it is easier to master than skateboarding. Because of the larger, more forgiving wheels, cruising is a good way to improve your balance and skating technique. It is also possible to try some tricks with a cruiser, so riding a cruiser might be a way to see what kind of skating style you prefer.

Another reason why skateboard cruising is a good beginner sport is its affordability. The only thing you need before you start cruising sessions is a set of protective gear and a cruiser board. If cruiser skateboarding sounds like something for you, read our Buying Cruiser Skateboards Guide for more information.

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