Wetsuit Accessories

Keep Your Wetsuit in Top Condition

Having wetsuit accessories helps keep your wetsuit in top shape. Wetsuits are high-quality, made to last products but having the right gear will increase the longevity of your suit and make sure it performs as good as new. Common wetsuit gear to have with you includes a wetsuit repair kit, wetsuit cleaner, and a surf poncho.

Especially important is to clean your wetsuit the right way as simply putting it in the washing machine can ruin the suit’s flexibility. You should use wetsuit shampoo which is specially designed for working on neoprene. This will make sure that your suit remains soft and smooth.

What Are Surf Ponchos?

One accessory that you can’t go without at the beach is your surf poncho or wetsuit changing poncho. This loose, comfortable apparel is used to keep you warm before and after your surf session as well as when you are getting changed. They are often made from terrycloth - the same material that a regular towel is made out of, meaning you can stay comfy and dry.

If you want to make sure that your board is all kitted out, then check out our range of Surfboard Parts.

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