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What Are BMX Pedals?

BMX pedals are a key part of your BMX setup. When looking for the right pedals, there is a whole range of things to consider including the material, the size, and pins.

One of the first things to decide is what material you want your BMX bike pedals to be made from. BMX pedals come in a range of materials, but are typically made from metal or plastic. Plastic pedals are lighter and more affordable and come in a range of colourful designs for customising your setup. BMX metal pedals come with great grip, are more durable but are heavier.

BMX Pedal Sizes

BMX pedals usually come in two sizes, the 9/16 inch found on most contemporary BMX bikes and the 1/2 inch, which is more common on kids BMX and older models. These numbers are referring to the pedal axle diameter. The size of your pedal will be determined by what sort of crankset you have. A 9/16 inch is suitable for 3-piece cranks while a 1/2 inch is made for 1-piece cranks.

What Are the Best BMX Pedals?

The best BMX pedals are the ones that give you great grip and improve your performance. Making sure pedals have the desired grip is important to avoid slipping off and damaging your shins. Worn-down pedals will give you less grip, so check them regularly to make sure your shins stay safe.

Essential for your pedals’ grip are the BMX pins. Pins enhance the grip of your pedal, and many pedals allow for replaceable pins that extend the pedal’s lifetime. Pins can vary in length: the longer they are, the more grip they will provide - but the risk of damaging your shoes and shins will be higher.

If you need some help getting new pedals onto your setup, then check out our quick video on How to Install BMX Pedals.

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