Scooter Pads & Skate Pads 2-pack


Get Scooter Pads for All-Round Protection

When you are riding a scooter, it is important to wear protective gear and look after the most vulnerable parts of your body. After the head, the knees and elbow are the next body parts that you should have scooter protection for. When you fall off your scooter, it’s normal to land on any of these parts of the body, so keeping them protected will reduce the risk of hurting yourself.

Get A Scooter Pads Set

The easiest way to get yourself protected before going for a scooter session is to get a scooter pads set. Not only will you have consistency in quality and sizing, but you will have a matching set of scooter pads. The scooter protection sets are always good value for money as well.

The scooter sets come as a 2-pack with knee pads and elbow pads. The styles can vary, with many having elastic straps for adjusting the size and using hard impact shells for maximum protection. If you are looking to buy this protection gear individually, then check out Scooter Knee pads and Scooter Elbow pads.

If you want to get some more information about scooter protection, particularly for riding in the park, then check out our Scooter: The ultimate guide to park protection.

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