Axles for Speed Skates


Speed Skate Axles Hold Your Setup Together

Inline speed skate axles are the small but important components that are used to mount the wheels to the speed skate frame. Just like axles for other types of skates, the two sizes that skate axles come in are 6 mm and 8 mm.

Even if you keep them in good condition, there will come a time when the axles wear out and will need replacing. Fortunately, axles for speed skates are affordable and you don’t have to be a wiz with tools to install your new set.

Remember that even if you maintain your axles, it’s also important to keep your bearings in good condition. However, there will come a time even with good maintenance that these will need replacing so check out our Speed Skate Bearings category where you will find individual bearings or get a whole new set.

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