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Alpine skis for every taste

The alpine ski category includes all the types of skis used for downhill skiing and general skiing in the mountains. Through the last few years, the development of alpine skiing and ski equipment has been quite comprehensive. Among others, the carving ski has become more and more popular since it emerged in the late 1990s.

Carving skis - a popular choice

A carving ski has a small mid-body/waist and wider tip and tail. The carving ski has great turning abilities due to a stiff yet flexible construction. The long side of the ski is flexible while it has torsional stiffness, making it very difficult to twist the ski from side to side. This construction provides great stability and improves your overall skiing experience. Because the turning radius of the carving ski is quite small, you are able to make sharp yet controlled turns.

The different types of alpine skis

There are four main types of alpine skis:

  1. All-mountain skis - versatile skis suitable for piste and off-piste skiing.
  2. Twintip skis – skis with an upwards tip and tail, for freestyle and tricks.
  3. Backcountry skis/Freeride – off-piste skis, sometimes with a twintip design.
  4. Piste skis (Carving skis) – Skis designed for high-speed on the slopes.

The alpine ski baselines

The alpine ski usually has a construction based on one or two of the main baselines: Camber, Rocker and Flat.

  • Camber: This baseline has a slight upwards curve in the middle and in the ends.
  • Rocker: This baseline is also known as reverse-camber because it has a downwards curve in the middle (in contrast to camber) and a high tip and tail.
  • Flat: The flat baseline makes sure that most of the ski is in contact with the surface, providing a great grip.

While some skis have either one or the other baseline, most skis have a combination, depending on the usage.

Skiing is a popular winter sport that many people love, and it is a great way to enjoy active family holidays.

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