Snow Skateboards / Snowskates

The snow skateboard - adopting skateboarding to the snow

When the first snow falls and covers up the local skatepark, most skaters call it a season and puts the skateboard in the back of the garage. But if you own a snow skateboard, a layer of snow is not an obstacle that will keep you from skating throughout the entire winter.

At first glance, the snow skateboard looks like a regular skateboard deck, but the resemblance fades when you turn it upside down. The bottom holds a grooved pattern, that gives the board a nice grip in the snow and allows the rider to perform the same tricks as on a regular skateboard. In our opinion, the snow skateboard is one of the most innovative snow vehicles that has been invented since the snowboard. We love it, and it’s a true skateboard winter must-have gadget.

The snow skateboard is perfect for urban areas or in countries where the geography don’t allow you to ride on skis or snowboards.

A snow skateboard has more grip than a regular skateboard

Besides providing a better grip in the snow, the grip tape area is also enhanced to withstand ice and snow. If you want more grip you can enhance it even more by providing spikes on the top of the deck.

Snow skateboarding is a relatively new winter sport that is a mix of skateboarding and snowboarding. With a snow skateboard you have the opportunity to slide, ollie, do flip tricks and much more out on the snow, in the same way as you would do on your skateboard.

Snowskating provides hours of fun in the snow whether it's on a hill, in the pedestrian zone, at a baby park, or at your home street with your home-made jumps and ramps. Snowskating does not require boots or bindings - skate shoes are more than enough. All you need is a snow skateboard, and a pair of shoes - then you are ready to have fun all winter.

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