Ski Touring Skis

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A ski touring ski is a great allround ski

Are you looking for a great all-around ski, where you can combine styles like alpine, cross country, telemark, randonnee, and backcountry? Ski touring skis offer the best of all worlds, so you will only need one pair of skis.

Ski touring is all about traveling both up and down the mountain, without you have to take off the skis. This kind of skiing is both an alpine and cross-country skiing discipline.

When you are going to the alpine skiing resort, you can easily use your alpine touring skis on the prepared slopes. Ski touring skis are great to ski on, both on the slopes as well as off-piste. Just lock down the heel, and you will be good to go.

If you wish to go out and enjoy nature, you will be able to bring your touring skis out next to the groomed tracks as well as in the deep powder. With ski touring skis, you have a good opportunity to go out and experience the backcountry. The loose heel and the wide base let you go anywhere.

Ski touring gear

For alpine ski touring, you will need special gear, to help you get up and down the mountain. We have a wide range of touring skis, bindings, poles, and skins in our selection.

Walking up a mountain with your skis on is hard work and will make you sweat. When you are skiing down, you will want the skis to stay on the top of the snow, in order to make turns and keep moving. This is why, you should choose skis that are wide enough to float, but still lightweight in order to make the ascent easier.

For preventing you from sliding backward on your skis, when walking up the mountain, skins are used. The skins are mounted on the base of the skis.

You are able to walk with your skis on, due to the special touring bindings. The bindings on ski touring skis are made, so you will be able to walk and lift the heel, while the toe is still fixed to the ski. You will find our selection of backcountry bindings here.

Since you have to be able to lift the heel to make forward walking motions, highly flexible boots are an advantage. You will find our selection of alpine ski boots here.

Ski touring takes you up and down, across the mountain. We suggest that you use adjustable ski poles! Then you have the option of a longer pole for the ascent, and a shorter pole for the descent, or two different lengths for traversing the mountain.

You are moving around in the wild nature, so you will also need safety gear for yourself and your friends. Read about safety gear here.

Alpine ski-touring on a budget

You can use your old alpine skis! Are you in doubt if backcountry skiing is something for you? Get a pair of skins and touring ski bindings that fit your old skis and go give it a shot.