Speed Skate Frames

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Speed Skate Frames: Built for Speed

We all know that the aim of speed skating is to skate as fast as possible. Inline speed skate frames are designed to ensure that you can reach these high speeds and maximise your performance. They are built from rigid low-weight materials, such as aluminium so you can get optimal power transfer from feet to the surface.

What makes speed skate frames different from regular inline skating frames is their low centre of gravity and long wheelbase. This design not only gives speed skates their distinct look, but also improves your stability and control when skating at high speed. As the wheels used for speed skating are large, the frames are built to accommodate this, and many are designed to fit 125 mm wheels.

Aligning Your Inline Speed Skate Frames

To get the best performance and power from your inline skates you need to make sure that your frames are aligned correctly. How you align your frames is ultimately a personal preference - what feels best for one skater will not necessarily work for another.

However, if you are having trouble with your alignment then the first thing to do is centre the frame to the heel of the boot and then do the same to the front of the boot. Then, go for a quick skate session and see how they feel. If it feels unstable then you need to adjust the frame in the same direction as the discomfort. The key is to keep experimenting until your skates feel as comfortable as they would when wearing regular shoes.

If you are looking for other ways to improve your comfort and stability when speed skating, check out our range of Insoles for Speed Skating.

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