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Skate shoes are specially destined to be used as skateboard shoes, but they are also more than suitable for riding scooters, wave or longboards. All the skate shoes in this category are made by recognised streetwear brands, which means that you can be certain that the quality of the shoes is good.

The features of skateboard shoes

Most skate shoes in this category are available in leather, suede or canvas for extra comfort. Skateboard shoes feature an extra thick vulcanized rubber sole to endure the wear they are exposed to during tricks. The sole has a minimal tread pattern. Furthermore, the shoes have great shock absorbing abilities to endure impacts and hard landings. All the features of skate shoes are made to make them as durable as possible because they are exposed to rough handling if used regularly on skateboards. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that skateboard shoes are often worn down faster than normal shoes, because of the raw grip tape on the skateboard.

Take good care of you new skate shoes

If you use your skate shoes when you perform tricks and wish to prolong the lifespan of the shoes, you can buy Shoe Goo, a silicone material which is applied to the tip of the shoe. Then it will create a protective layer to the most vulnerable place on the shoe.

You can also take care of the problems before they occur! Get yourself a tube of super glue and apply it to the stitching around the flick and Ollie regions of your shoe. The pretty simple move will make your new favourite pair of skate shoes last much longer. Be careful not to get glue on the rest of the shoe though. The super glue can cause losing grip.

Even though skateboard shoes have special features to make them apt for skating, many people choose the shoes solely because of the cool design and because they are comfortable to wear.

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